I take pictures with my Sony A7r, a Sony NEX-6 (especially when I’m out walking), a Sony A700 (which I now use mainly for macro work) and an iPhone 6s. I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Creative Cloud to organise and post-process my images, but I also occasionally use Camera+ with Lightbox and Snapseed to do work on iOS images before sharing them on Google+. I store most of them in Google Photos (Picasaweb). 

If you want to see other images that I’ve taken, you can view them on flickr and also Instagram

These aren’t the only blogs I author and maintain. My personal blog is Just thoughts … which is a set of posts centred around my interests – walking, trips, events, technology (mainly Apple based) and photography. I’m also working on a project to help try and engage and enable fellow “third-agers” with social media – that’s to be found at Thoughtgrazing … for third agers.  One theme being discussed there is digital photography. Please drop by if any of these might interest you.