Month: September 2017

A walk by the canal

The weather wasn’t outstanding, so the light was challenging at times, but Joe and I got a walk in along the canal from Pencelli to Brecon and back, stopping for lunch at the Brecon Tap – excellent pies!!! You can see a few more images from the walk on Flickr …

Bike by the Bay

Red in the Bay – 4

Another couple of images, which I can quite honestly say I wouldn’t have taken without the theme … which goes to show?? Actually, I think it’s quite a useful idea to focus you on composition. You see the splash of red and then you look for a composition to include that colour flash.  

Beach Hut Colour

On Barton Beach

Wanting to make the most of the early morning sun, Jenny and I took the car down to the beach from my mum’s house and strolled along the path in front of the beach huts. They can’t compete with Brighton Beach in Melbourne, but they do provide a splendid splash of colour.