Wistman’s Wood – escaping the rain

The next day, Wednesday, was an almost total wash-out. We tried Widdecombe and the church, but it was wet outside and we had to retire to the cafe. We went back to Princetown to a different cafe for lunch. We all got soaked walking up to Dartmoor Prison Museum and some went into it. We retired to the inn and did a little bit of Lightroom chatting.

So the next day, our last full day, we set off for Wistman’s Wood. A legendary bit of ancient woodland managed and cared for by the Woodland Trust. Quite a hike to get to it – I wish I hadn’t carried all my camera gear – been a bit more selective – but once there and having got acclimatised to the strange, eery atmosphere inside the wood, it was shutter and stumble as we picked our way across the mossy boulders.

Mossy trees in Wistman's Wood

Here’s a gallery of the better shots that I took …

After lunch at Princetown … again, we tried another location in the afternoon – Whiteworks – an abandoned mining site. A few interesting possibilities – mostly micro-landscapes – but our hearts were not in it. The weather had got the better of our spirits. A great shame. I’ll have to go back another time when I can choose the time according to a decent weather forecast. We didn’t manage to visit a single tor!

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  1. Jim Bartlett November 22, 2019 at 09:27 #

    I really like ‘Entering Wistman’s Wood’, David. I’m afraid the B&W images don’t do anything for me though.

    • David Harrison November 22, 2019 at 10:34 #

      Thank you Jim, I tend to agree with you. I was desperate to get something from the week and I was trying everything. I thought that the B&W might add some atmosphere, but maybe not!

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