Radcliffe Camera from St Mary the Virgin

A day out in Oxford

Last year I went to Stourhead with Cardiff U3A and we had another coach trip in September. The challenge for the Photographic Group was to capture the “essence of Oxford”. I went for the spires and the one I’m featuring in this post was taken from the top of the St Mary the Virgin spire – which was quite a climb, looking down into courtyards with a sprinkling of spires as well.

All Souls College from St Mary the Virgin, Oxford

There are a few more in the album below – just click on it to see what I saw on a lovely day where I was able to go into a couple of the Oxford colleges for the first time and see Hogwarts dining room as well!!!

Oxford, 2018

2 thoughts on “A day out in Oxford”

  1. Chris Rusbridge

    Hi David, I always enjoy your blog. This is not really a comment on this post at all, but I am interested in how the Photography Group works in your U3A. I’m in one in Kenilworth; it’s called a digital photography group, which might perhaps be an issue as I’m mostly a film photographer, but it more or less seems to work. They concentrate on sharing images, and also on Photoshop trickery (being an, ahem, Aperture user, who’s trying to learn Affinity Photo I’m less interested in this bit). There’s a wide range of skills and cameras, with an emphasis on P&S, at least one person with a DSLR on auto mode, who always manages to produce stunning shots but claims she knows nothing, etc. There was recently a U3A open day where we produced a display of printed and projected images, and a further 9 people have expressed interest. This would mean a new group as we meet in various living rooms and the current 10 is already a stretch. So, the point of this message is that I’m trying to work out how other folk organise their U3A Photography groups. I see you occasionally do days out, which hasn’t worked out so far for us.

    You should have my email, I think. Thanks for any answers you can give, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, I’ll answer your U3A enquiry in an email as you suggested. I hope you don’t mind but I’m adding you as a subscriber to this blog as I’m scaling down what I do on other platforms like Facebook – for obvious reasons. If you don’t want emails when I publish a blog post – just unsubscribe. Cheers. David.

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