A Saturday in Buxton

We went to the Peak District for a weekend away just recently. We spent a lovely afternoon walking around the Buxton and the Pavilion Gardens; listening to the Steel Band, before going to the opera in the magnificent Buxton Opera House in the evening …

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  1. Chris Rusbridge

    Hi David, I’m still enjoying your blogs, thank you. This is just a bit of feedback, that you probably won’t feel motivated to do anything about! I think you must have changed the way you display images in your blog (eg the new tiled format). It’s resulted in a change where my RSS reader (the new version of NetNewsWire) can’t seem to load the images, instead it loads lots of white space. I can still see them, but only if I click through to the web site. I used to see the images direct in NNW (although, TBH, some of them were large sized so I only saw a portion of them that way).

    As I say, probably not a particularly important comment, and I may be the only one among your audience who uses a RSS reader anyway!


    1. Thanks Chris for the kind words. All feedback is welcomed, but I’m not sure I can do anything about the problem you’re having myself, but I’ll pass on your experience to the developer of the Plugin that I’m using for the Blog, and for the Galleries. I use a RSS Reader – Feedly – to track my own posts, and I’m not seeing the same problem, so it may be something with NNW??

      I’ve taken the email notification plugin I was using before offline as I was having problems with that and am toying with possibly using Mailchimp in the future, but for the moment would encourage you, and others, to subscribe to the blog to get an email notification of any new posts. I’ll feed back to you if I get any positive response from the developer. Cheers. David.

    2. I’ll blame you for my lack of sleep last night!

      I checked Feedly again this morning and found a similar experience. It’s an unfortunate behaviour of both RSS readers it would appear. Although “featuring” an image in a WordPress post is picked up by twitter (see @diharrison for proof); it would appear that where I have no embedded image in the post, but just the gallery, the post in the RSS reader does not have an image associated with it! I know the solution – just the insertion of the featured image before the gallery in the post as well. Thanks.

      The reason, I’d dismissed it as a problem is that upon inspection I found that a large number of posts from my RSS feed didn’t have images associated with them, and in some cases didn’t even have content! I’d got immune to the behaviour and had got totally used to clicking through to the website to see content (and images). The problem was also masked to some extent because the “home” blog page was picking up the featured image and rendering as expected.

      I can go back to sleep now. Hopefully, this weekend’s post and the ones that follow will have an image associated with them. Thanks again!

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