Autumn 2016 – Cefn Onn


It seems a while since my last post. Here are a few images taken during a “field trip” with Cardiff U3A to Cefn Onn Park a couple of weeks ago. The autumn in Cardiff has been quite splendid and actually, we were probably a little early to catch all the splendours of autumn colours.

Cefn-Onn-1-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-11-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-6-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-5-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-4-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-2-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-3-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-10-of-11.jpg Cefn-Onn-9-of-11.jpg

The images can also be found from on flickr, or Google Photos.

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