Churches in Umbria

A series of posts based on our stay in Trevi in Umbria, the first one being on the subject of churches. I took many pictures inside and outside churches, but these three are representative. Below is the Duomo di Spoleto. I rather like the whispy cloud which almost seems to be coming out of the tower. Unlike the last image in the series (below) I decided not to straighten it as that would have created an unreal composition.

Duomo di Spoleto

Inside the Duomo di Spoleto. It’s just amazing how much art there is in most of the Italian churches, and of course this area is associated with St Francis of Assisi.

Duomo di Spoleto

Here is the Basilica de San Francesco d’Assisi. I didn’t take many photographs inside the church. It’s just amazing. It’s also quite remarkable how they’ve managed to restore the building after the earthquake in 1997 which killed 8 people in the neighbourhood.

Basilica de San Francesco d'Assisi

 If you can’t wait to see the other posts, you can click on the Flickr album below which also has the EXIF data associated with the photographs …

Umbria 2019

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