Stormy skies over the New Bridge

Dartmoor – dodging the rain

… and so began our challenge to find a spot where it wasn’t raining …

Mossy woodland and bridge

It started off reasonably well at Burrator Reservoir. The dam itself isn’t a patch on the ones in the Elan Valley, but that’s being picky. What we did find was an interesting stream and bridge and because there was tree cover – it was dry! Above you see a shot very typical of this type of Dartmoor valley floor. Very green, loads of moss and lichens and ferns. There’s probably an interesting micro-landscape to crop out in there somewhere too.

Silky cascade

The shot above was the first one I took at this location. I knew it was a good shot as soon as I set the tripod up. For the next hour I tried to find one that I liked better, but all the time I knew I’d got this one and I was looking forward to process it in Lightroom.

We then moved on, after our first visit to Princetown for lunch, to a location known as Newbridge to the locals, but actually the East Dart River near Bellever Forest. The damp misty rain really set in whilst we were here and I was able to take out my camera rain cover and test it for the first time. I’m pleased to say it worked!

Broken Clapper

So at Bellever we had another broken clapper bridge and the “new bridge” which you can see in two representations below. The stark black and white one with only a very slight shutter delay …

Stormy skies over the New Bridge

… and the colour version with the aperture closed down to give a shutter delay and the silky water effect.

Newbridge, Bellever Forest

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