Emerging from the mist

A trip to Penarth to help our daughter with child-minding and a walk along the Esplanade and on to the pier. When we got down to the shore a sea fret filled the channel, and the sun was trying to break through. You could just see Cardiff through breaks in the mist. However, the conditions provided a new challenge [click through the images to see the EXIF data] …

Penarth pier in the mist
No signs of Steep Holm or Flat Holm just yet
Sea fret and a paddle
The Liassic clifffs at Penarth

Eventually, and quite suddenly, the mist was gone and the Pier stood out against the blue sky. I didn’t notice when I took the shot that I’d managed to get the pier in line with the horizon. [I shouldn’t admit to that of course :-)]

The pier has emerged from the mist

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