Hitching a ride

From Bradford-on-Avon to Bath, and back, on a canal boat – 4

Sunset - Bradford on Avon

A final set of images starting with our final evening and a sunset, moored just outside the boatyard we were about to return the boat to the next day; a picturesque mill on the Avon, taken from an aqueduct; a rather tame duck who hitched a lift; Dundas Basin and emptying the bilges; and a shot of the entrance to the North Somerset Coal Canal at Dundas.

Hitching a ride

4 thoughts on “From Bradford-on-Avon to Bath, and back, on a canal boat – 4”

  1. The Dundas photo is my favourite here, David. Like a lot of ‘portrait’ pictures, it is a bit thin for my taste though, and I’d like a closer look at the footbridge and boats. If it were mine I’d crop the top and bottom, maybe until it was square.

    1. Well … we can agree to disagree. I don’t think I’d want to crop either of the two Dundas Basin shots. I wasn’t sure which one you were referring to. The portrait one works, for me, because the canal is extremely narrow – it’s the old Somerset Coal Canal. The other one tells a complete story of servicing the canal, complete with crane, so I wouldn’t have wanted to crop it out.

  2. I’m happy to disagree on matters of taste, David. It was the last photo I was referring to, as the other one is in landscape. Yes the canal is narrow, and it leads my eye straight to the sky at the moment.

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