Garden birds

A few years back when I was confined to the house for a while, I set up my camera and took loads of pictures of the birds that visit our garden. A lot of them were taken in the snow. Today I thought I’d revisit this idea so have set the camera up on Brian (the 3LT tripod) and have just sat and waited for what might turn up. I’ll be adding images to this album over the course of the next few days I hope. This one of the Jay (who is a very timid bird) is special – the ground feeder is about 3m from our patio door. The ones of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker (and the short video) are also a treat. We’re so lucky to have so many birds visit us. They’re so lucky we spend so much money on feeding them! Older collections are to be found for 2010 here, for 2012 here and 2013 here.

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