Hedgehogs @ home

First, an apology. A bit of a glitch with the images for the previous post (and others on the site). Hopefully resolved.

Not much to add to these images from last year. It’s been great to see these “little critters” on our patio. Although I have a wildlife camera, these were taken with the Sony A7r III from inside the patio doors and with the external light on. They had become very trusting! After an early show of three hogs this year, and a little “rumble in the jungle” (see below), they have not been so apparent which makes me wonder whether they may have succumbed to rat poison put down by someone in the road. I hope not. I hope they’ve just found a better and nicer place to eat and give someone else pleasure. To date, I’ve found that a local cat has found the hedgehog food worth a visit, as has the occasional field mouse, magpie and of course “Mr Rat”.

The images above were taken using my 55mm F1.8 lens at ISO 4000, 1/10sec and f/1.8. The video below was taken using a GardePro wildlife camera.

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