Historic Umbria

It goes with saying that this area of Italy is rich in history from the Romans to the Etruscans, and more. I’m no expert! Here are just a few images and the story behind them.

Ponte delle Torri, Spoleto

Above you can see the Ponte delle Torri near Spoleto which I thought to be a viaduct but I now know to be a thirteenth century bridge protected by the two watchtowers you can see in the picture.

Casa Romano, Spoleto

In Spoleto itself you’ll find the Casa Romano (Roman House) which is amazingly well preserved. Well worth a visit, as is the Roman theatre/arena in the town.

Eremo delle Carceri, near Assisi

Nearby to Assisi is the Eremo delle Carceri, where St Francis of Assisi would go away on retreat. Again a remarkable building – more shots of which appear in the two Flickr albums.

Olive tree of San Emiliano, near Trevi

Finally, above you can see the Olive Tree of San Emiliano near Trevi, where a particularly savage atrocity was committed against Emiliano which has given rise to many legends about the tree.

Below is a second album of images from our Umbrian trip on Flickr …

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