I don’t do people …

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When prompted, I usually say … “I don’t do people”. Well, that’s not strictly true as the shots above will suggest. It’s true I don’t feel comfortable about asking people if I can take their photograph, that’s why I usually plump for the impromptu snap, rather than the planned shoot. Of course in these shots (mainly the action ones), I have captured family members, but in the case of the two girls and the fisherman I asked if they’d mind if I took their photograph. That’s a huge step forward for me. The two railway related ones are captures of work and rest and I like them both a lot. The one taken at Sole Bay is a reprise of a shot I took of Jenny a few years back when some workmen out of shot shouted “Make love to the camera” – this time she had my sister to brave it out with! Finally. I like to take at least one (and never more than five) shots of the artist at a concert I attend. This time it’s Martyn Joseph at Acapela a great live venue just outside Cardiff.

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  1. Leonard Smith

    Well done. Some good active shots requiring time and concentration.to produce. David, you never let us down.

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