Llantwit Beach

A day at the seaside with the U3A

CDrift wood - 4

A full-day Shoot with the Cardiff U3A Photo Group with Nick Jenkins in attendance. Nick is not only known to me by my attendance on several of his Photo Workshops, he’s also a close neighbour of one of our group members, so he was invited to come down to Llantwit Beach to help us with our photography. For me, it was just great to spend several hours in a very restricted location, just looking for pictures. Doing this forces you to look for things you might not normally take a photograph of – such as my several shots of driftwood which you can see towards the end of the slideshow below. That plus the light constantly changing; misty, to clear and sunny; rock pools, rock falls and rock formations; stones, shells and sand; not to mention the silky water shots taken from the bridge looking down from above; and you get a lovely portfolio of a day’s photography. I have no favourites, I like them all – a great day out!

The pictures can also be seen in a Flickr album with the EXIF data …

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