Lowdown at Aysgarth Falls

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We lived in Yorkshire for 7 years, but Aysgarth was just that too far from Doncaster or Leeds (later) to visit for the day, and it was just too far off the route from Cardiff to the North East, so when we chose to take the slow journey through the Pennines staying in Skipton on the way north, it seemed an ideal opportunity to visit a place I’d always wanted to see.

There wasn’t much water in the River Ure, but the almost horizontal bands of limestone, interleaved with softer shales and sandstones, still managed to create an impressive stepped river landscape with lovely woodland walks taking you to the three main sites shown above. But I had something else in mind!

I’d brought my tripod with me as well as the L’bracket for the camera in order to be able to take the shots in portrait mode as I had it in mind to try and do a low-level panorama of the Lower Falls. The outcome is shown in the bottom image above. I pondered over cropping the person out of the shot, but after “straightening” him – the distortion having been caused by the panorama stitching – decided to keep him in for some sense of scale. Lying-down with a tripod on the limestone step must have caused some amusement to onlookers, but I was pleased with the outcome.

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