More moon shots

A double dose of moonshots this spring and the chance to improve on the Snow Moon shots I took earlier in the year – and this time from the relative comfort of the loft. I took the opportunity the night before of using TPE (The Photographers Ephemeris) to see where and when the moon would be rising, and then went up to the loft to see what shot I could take. To my pleasant surprise I could literally sit at my desk, tripod by my side and shoot through the open skylight window. It felt quite like being in an observatory. So what could I see?

Well before the clouds drifted away and before I set the camera up, the view was the one in the featured image (above). However a little while later having set the ISO to 100, using manual focusing and manual mode with the 200mm f4 lens aperture set to f/8.0 and shutter speed 1/60sec, this is what I could see …

Super Moon in B&W
Taken from the loft using fully manual settings.

… but then after cropping and applying super resolution mode in Photoshop I got this …

Super Moon in B&W and Super Resoluiton

1 thought on “More moon shots”

  1. Leonard Smith

    A really good sharp and clear photo of the moon. There are no over or under exposed areas which one often gets and the colours seem quite natural.
    See, you don’t have to go far from home to get some first class pictures.
    Well done. You should definitely feel proud of this photograph.

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