Penarth and lights

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It was a lovely clear evening and I thought it was about time I shot the Esplanade (the sea front) at Penarth, with it’s wonderfully restored pier. Unfortunately, just as I setup with the tripod to catch the first shot the sky began to cloud over as a front began to make it’s way up St George’s Channel. However, even without the moon and stars the night was something special and I was very pleased with the images I got.

I especially like the second one with the lights of the cars, the buildings, the pier and the railings all pointing to the lights coming down the hill by The Kymin. Did I see it when I took the shot? In all honesty, no. I was however very impressed by my artistic abilities post-hoc!

The lighting on the pier is very impressive too. The ice-cold feature lighting mixing with the warm creams of the background lights. All-in-all a rather nice effect.

To finish off, and having experimented with light-trails on The Esplanade, I thought I’d have a go at the same technique beside the roundabout in the town centre. I’m rather pleased at the tack-sharp clock face and the detail on the bank ATM – if you zoom in. A good night’s work, even if I say so myself!

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