Reflections in Mid-Wales

Something else I learnt at the weekend photo workshop … dull, overcast days, as long as there’s no wind, are great for reflections. There’s a couple of stories around these pictures. I took the one below as a “reference shot” near where the Dolymynach Reservoir would have been. There’s just a small “stump” of a dam left now. Then as I stood around waiting for the others to finish I wandered over to look at the camera back of another of the party and wow … I thought, why hadn’t I seen that! The lesson as always is to look for the picture within the landscape, to look small, or in other words to use a long lens to just capture part of a landscape.

I then tried taking the shot in portrait mode – which one do your think works best? By the way, another lesson I learnt on this day was not to use Automatic White Balance without thinking about it too much. I found that I was doing a lot of post-processing to just get the image similar to one that I would have got if I’d used Daylight, or Cloudy. Now there’s a thing!!! [NB I’ve now had further advice to always use the Daylight setting for Landscape photography because you can always move away from that setting if you want to in post-processing, but it’s a standard that you know what the Kelvin ratings are.]

Dolymynach, Elan Valley

I took the opportunity of getting down to the water of the Caban-Coch Reservoir. A location I hadn’t been to before in the Claerwen Valley. This is just a little further downstream from Dolymynach. Again I wonder which of these two you prefer. This one, shot wide …

Reservoir reflections
Dolymynach, Elan Valley

… or this one, with more of the foreground and sky cropped out. [They are two different images, not just the same one cropped.]

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