Roath Basin (The Bay) – Autumn 2016

The textures and colours you get from the Millennium Centre when the sun is shining are just amazing. These four images (two of them receiving a bit of clarity and vibrance treatment in Lightroom) demonstrate this well. I particularly like the one above – certainly an argument for post-processing. This image would just not have seemed so dramatic without the clarity slider being shoved to the left of the scale. Look at the person walking in from the right. I love it. Am I allowed to say what I like?


I also like the pictures of the flags outside the Senate (above) – this was the day after the American Presidential election and a whole string of things were going around my head.

Then three images taken outside the National Assembly Senate Building.

Two by the Norwegian Church where I had a lovely cup of coffee with the rest of the Cardiff U3A Photography Group …


… and finally a panorama to set the scene where the pictures were taken.

What an autumn we’ve had. What fantastic light for taking photographs.

The images can also be seen on flickr, and on Google Photos.

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