Silky water shots

Silky study
Dolymynach, Elan Valley

Following on from the waterfall shots, a selection of silky water shots taken using the technique I mentioned in the previous post. Sometimes however you have to also change the ISO setting (the sensitivity, or granularity of the image) on your camera because there’s not enough light to stop down to anything near f22. Luckily with the 36Mp sensor on the Sony A7r, this isn’t a problem and you can up the ISO to over 800 easily and still get a decent shot which is not “pixelated”. I really love the cropped image above. It has so much texture, movement, colour and detail. I think it’s fair to say you may see it appear in other places in the course of time.

Another silky study
Dolymynach, Elan Valley

The two images above, and the next three were taken in the Claerwen Valley near Nantgwyllt House which Percy Shelley desperately wanted to buy, but couldn’t afford in his lifetime. It’s a hidden gem of a location. I took two of the “reflection” images on Caban Coch reservoir here too.

I think you’ll have realised I upped the saturation, vibrance and clarity on the image below. Yes, I know it doesn’t look right for a picture taken in January – but does that matter?

Autumn colour
Dolymynach, Elan Valley

Next a couple of images taken below Pen-y-Gareg Dam in the Elan Valley. The first image is an example of one taken with increased ISO. Unless you were really going to blow it up, this already cropped image doesn’t lose much I feel. Whether it was worth taking as a picture is another matter!

Milky water
Penygarreg, Elan Valley

This image however really tested me. I spent quite a long time trying to get the composition right. In the end I decided that an envelope crop and concentrating on the roots was the best way forward and I’m reasonably pleased with the outcome. Bit more colour and light would have helped. An excuse to go back another day. Look at this website for more inspiration and explanation of this wonderful part of Mid-Wales.

Troubled tree
Penygarreg, Elan Valley

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