The Kimberley – Day 2

After an abortive trip to see a sunrise which took us to a road that had been washed-out – the wet season this year has been quite significant; we returned to Mirima NP near to Kununurra to see the end of the sunrise which let me experiment with my new-found skills. No more aperture priority mode for me, I’m now a fully manual shooter. Essentially to get everything in focus (back to front) you need to set a low aperture, say f16, which gives you a greater depth of field. To achieve this you may need to increase your ISO (granularity) to 200, or 400. The shutter speed is generally irrelevant as you’ll be on a tripod with OSS switched off and using a shutter delay of 2secs to avoid camera shake, so you need to try and set it to get an exposure that goes all the way to the right when using the histogram – generally this will mean you’ll underexpose your image. That’s the end of notes to self!!

In the above shot, I didn’t want everything in focus so it’s taken at 53mm focal length with 1/90th at f5.6, and ISO 100.

More images of this day can be found here on Google Photos.

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