Umbrian landscapes

A post on the subject of the landscapes of Umbria is a bit of a joke really. The region is just one huge but varying landscape that’s almost impossible to crop into an image. On top of that most of the other posts in this series would probably qualify as micro-landscapes in themselves. Still, here are three in which I’ve tried to capture the essence of the area.

View from the rooftop, Antica Dimora alla Rocca

The first image (above) was taken from the the top-floor lounge of the hotel annexe where we had the unexpected luxury of an apartment. Trevi is a a hill-top town, similar in many ways to the other ones in the area that we visited – Spelo, Spoleto, Brevagna, Montefalco and Assisi – so this view is very typical, looking out over roof-tops to the flood plain below.


This is the reverse view (of Trevi) looking up to the town from the flood plain below. Our hotel was very much near the top of the hill close to the church towers.

Finally, the scale of the landscape is illustrated in this panorama set taken from the Roman aqueduct at Spelo.

View from Roman Aqueduct, Spello

Below is a second album of images from our Umbrian trip on Flickr …

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