View from  Roman Aqueduct, Spello

Umbrian miscellany

A selection of images, ranging from building work in process in Trevi – with the disregarded poster, ardent tourists looking at Roman inscriptions in Spoleto, a hat shop and flowers in front of a ristorante in Assisi to a pair of geckos on Isola Maggiore, Lago Trasimeno.

Also some images depicting elements of Umbria’s history …

A quick reminder. To view the gallery in full-screen, just click on an image and then scroll through them. Further help can be found here.

As this is the last in the series of Umbrian posts I’ve included links to both sets of Flickr albums which also have the EXIF data associated with the photographs that you can view …

Umbria 2019

A second album of images from our Umbrian trip on Flickr …

More Umbria 2019

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