Wow! That’s really sharp!

There’s a link to my last post in these pictures. You might have remembered I apologised for the image of the reindeers being out of focus. This led to a period of intense testing of my 24-70mm, f4.0 lens with the end result being I felt it was not the lens it used to be! That’s not too surprising as this was the lens that fell off the bed when I was in Australia and which had been repaired with a new AF motor being fitted over the summer. I toyed with the idea of looking at a direct replacement, or an upgrade but in the end decided to go for a bright 55mm prime lens – one with an aperture of f1.8. I’d read a few reviews of it, all stating that it was the sharpest lens the photographer had seen, but in reality, until you have it in your hands and on your camera, you don’t know what to expect.

So in these three images, and in the featured image for the post (see below), you can judge for yourself just how good this lens is. The EXIF data for this image tells you that the ISO was 200 (and on a grey day as well!!); the shutter speed was 1/90th sec and the aperture was f1.8. Just look at the sharpness of the image – no post-processing at all – as a crop of the same image is taken. Wow!

Then, poking my head round the corner of the back-door and avoiding the rain from falling on the lens, I took this shot. I’m no expert on bokeh, but I think this lens may have some great shots ahead of it.

EXIF: ISO 200; f1.8 @ 1/125th sec

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