I take pictures with my Sony A7r III, and occasionally my Sony NEX-6 (especially when I’m out walking) and an iPhone 12mini when just walking about.

My lens collection is far too large, as I rarely use some of them and I have to make some hard decisions on whether to get rid of some of them. I also have too many tripods and filters that I should be weeding out. They all seemed a “good idea” at the time!!!

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic (v.12) to organise and post-process my images. I use Topaz for refining my RAW images. The ones I share with friends and family I put in Google Photos. My main photo-sharing however is done on flickr.  I’m also experimenting with using Lightroom (the mobile and web versions), Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud.

These aren’t the only blogs I author and maintain. My personal blog is Just thoughts … which is a set of posts centred around my interests – walking, trips, events, technology (mainly Apple based) and photography.

I’m also trying to help, encourage, engage and enable fellow “third-agers” with social media and using the internet – that’s to be found at Thoughtgrazing … for third agers.  One theme often discussed there is digital photography.

Please drop by if any of these might interest you.

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