Claerwen Dam and an acer

iPhone session

I’ve been toying with the idea of more extensive use of my iPhone 14 Pro with its three lenses; and I’d also come across and purchased Halide – a Camera app for the iPhone, along with Spectre – another app from the same stable that utilises the Live functionality on the iPhone to give silky moving effects.

The opportunity came about to get to grips with the iPhone’s camera when I led a photo trip to mid-Wales in October and I determined that as I knew the area well, had all the photos I felt I really needed already captured with my DSLR gear, that it would be the perfect opportunity to just rely on the iPhone and learn how to use it (and the Halide app) that little bit better.

My conclusion was that the iPhone 14 Pro made as a good a job as I could reasonably expect under the difficult and changing weather conditions, and I will have no qualms about using it as a main piece of photography equipment from now on.

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