The view from the bible

Detail at the Cathedral

This proved to be an exceptional challenge … in the end, as I was forced to address some oversights in my camera settings and the way I imported my shots into Lightroom. I’ve written about this elsewhere, so won’t repeat the lessons learnt. Suffice to say I’ve learnt a lot more about colour and white balance, and quite a bit more about the settings in my camera, as well as getting some good practice in my use of the Topaz Photo AI software!

These shots were all taken with my FE f/4 70-200mm lens. They were then subsequently processed just using the Auto Develop mode setting in Lightroom. Some of them (principally the Christ in Majesty and Regimental Flags) were then enhanced by using Topaz Photo AI software on the RAW image. A conscious decision was made to NOT use the “Edit in …” Plugin mode in Lightroom so that the image returned to Lightroom is as a DNG file, not a TIFF. This then allows further changes to the RAW image.

Which ones do I like? The candle, the hand, the bible, the scraps of flag and the shot of the cathedral from in front of the Llandaff Institute.

I hope it won’t be such a long interval to the next post in this blog. I have revised the menus a little, added my twenty “Moments in ’22” favourites, as well as a link to the PDF file of my book of photos of the same name taken in 2022, which contains several from a wonderful holiday in Scotland in the early autumn. I’ve revised the Galleries as well, so quite a bit of background work done.

I’ve updated the blog with several posts since the last one published which was “Penarth in Lights” so I’d love you to look back on these posts as well and as usual comment on them as you see fit.

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