Help using Galleries

I hope using the Galleries is reasonably straightforward, but here’s a little helper than might be of use, and/or might enable you to get more out of them than is immediately obvious.

The “Home” page of the site is a slideshow of some images that I will change occasionally. The images are all taken from the Galleries (6 of them) which are listed in the Menu bar.

Clicking on any one of them will bring up a Sideswipe Display of Images that you can get a flavour of what is in the Gallery. Again, I will try and refresh these occasionally, rather than just let them grow larger, trying to keep each Gallery to about 20 images at a maximum.

If you then click on any one single Image in a Gallery, it will then open in a window for itself. You can still click on the arrows left, or right, to navigate through the Gallery, but you can also open a set of Thumbnails of the Gallery Images, by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the Image, from which you can select a single Image to view.

In addition to the Thumbnails, there are also a couple of Controls that you can use with a Gallery. In order, from left to right, next to the Thumbnails, you can select to Play or Pause a Slideshow, you can chose to view the Images in Full-screen Mode, you can Display Information about the Image (including a Caption and Sharing Buttons), and you can Comment on them. [You can also get out of Full-screen Mode by pressing the <esc> key on your keyboard.]

Pressing on the arrow below the Image will make the Thumbnails disappear. Pressing on the <x> in the top-right corner of the screen will close the Gallery View and return you to the Display of Images view.

And that’s it. Enjoy.