A hand-held pano – Chepstow Castle

Another “technique” shot! High-up on Marten’s Tower, no tripod to hand, can I do a hand-held pano-shot. You bet I can! Really pleased how this turned out. I could have rested the camera on a wall I suppose, but I’d have lost quite a bit as I swung the camera round, so I tried to do the sequence of shots (using Manual exposure settings of course) with a steady hand and quite an overlap holding the camera in landscape mode – not the most desirable way to hold a camera to do a stitched panorama.

Shot using the FE 24mm F1.4 GM lens at ISO 100 and 1/200sec at f/6.3.

2 thoughts on “A hand-held pano – Chepstow Castle”

  1. Leonard Smith

    Hi David, I have mixed feelings about this picture. Taking several pictures on a manual setting is a challenge especially when the camera is hand held. I feel the picture lacks sharpness which is one of my bugbears as you probably already know. Its a good subject but getting the balance right is subjective. Not sure what your thoughts are about this.

  2. You say in your St Mary’s Lighthouse notes that you restrict the size of the images in this blog, so that they download quickly, David. I think this is one image I would like to see larger when opened in a new tab.

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