A lighting challenge

Through the leaded window in Marten's Tower

I always like a challenge and one of the ones I like to tackle is looking out of a dark space towards bright light. Often I might use a pair (or more) shots to merge into an HDR image, but another approach might be to use Exposure Lock on the shadow areas and work on the highlights in post-production, which is what I did here. I think it works, although I might just de-saturate the greens a little if I was to do it again. This is taken from Marten’s Tower in Chepstow Castle.

Taken with my FE 24mm F1.4 GM lens – fast becoming my favourite lens – with ISO 100, and 1/200sec at f/6.3.

2 thoughts on “A lighting challenge”

  1. You’ve succeeded in showing details in both areas, David, but to my eyes it now looks artificial. The window frame now looks unnatural, and I would intuitively expect the interior to be darker, (if not as dark as the original perhaps).

    1. I did say it was a technical challenge, didn’t I? In any case I disagree, respectfully. I think it’s worthwhile seeing the detail of the window sill which would have been completely lost if I’d not done what I did to the image.

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