A return to Bute Park

With the autumn colours beginning, it’s logical to return to Bute Park which has a fantastic collection of trees to capture the changes. But there are other things to see as well, including this cormorant drying its wings in the middle of the River Taff upstream of the National/Millennium Stadium (or whatever it’s called now).

Drying off
Drying off

I like this shot of the berries with the rather strange green blurred foliage behind. I hesitate to call it bokeh, so I’ll call it blur.

Berries and blur
Berries and blur

The gem of the park however is the eccentric castle built by Bute and given to the city as a “gift” …

The castle from Bute Park

… as well as the canal …

Ducks in a video
My new iPhone
Feeder canal
The dock feeder canal
Alongside the canal
Alongside the canal
Autumn colour
Autumn colours coming

2 thoughts on “A return to Bute Park”

  1. I like the cormorant, David.
    It’s nice to see you including shots of a human being this time.
    Thanks for avoiding the word ‘bokeh’. If that was used for every blurred background, we would have to think of another word for out-of-focus points of light.

    1. I can’t promise a human being every post Jim – this one is special, and it was one of our rare walks together. The comment about “blur” was specially for you, but I guess you knew that and I had no recollection of the shot you got of the cormorant in the same spot when I took the shot. It’s a nice one and I guess a lot of people in Cardiff have variations on the same view.

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