At long last – a Kingfisher

One bird I’ve always wanted to see, but have never been in the right place at the right time to see, is the Kingfisher. Well now the “duck is broken”. I’ve seen a female bird in perfect lighting to show off its colour. The shots I took that morning have only heightened my interest in going back again with the advice gained on appropriate ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings and with my tripod, and improve on the shots below.

2 thoughts on “At long last – a Kingfisher”

  1. Well, at last you have seen the light. It’s getting back to nature. My only comment is to say that using a tripod can sometimes be a hindrance as it can slow down your movement especially when photographing birds in flight. Your first picture is worthy of praise as it shows off the kingfishers colours.

    1. Thanks Len. I take your point about the tripod, I’ll try both approaches. What I’ve been impressed with in your photography is just how high you’ve cranked up the ISO to get the high shutter speeds that have allowed you to capture some stunning shots of birds in flight. Lots to learn – hopefully you’ll continue to be a good teacher.

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