Brancos lookout

It’s all about the light, it’s all about the light. That’s drummed into photographers and of course it’s true. Round about sundowner time (indeed we enjoyed a bottle of sparkling wine after this picture was taken as the sun went down), I took this picture from Brancos lookout, looking over the Pentecost River in El Questro NP. A nice place to be … and it was warm too!

2 thoughts on “Brancos lookout”

  1. Nice pic, David. I was recently fantasising about a potential trip back to Australia that would include a visit to Arkaroola in the northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia, aiming to get shot of waterholes against the red rock. But, thinking it through, I remembered that dawn and dusk are MUCH shorter experiences there than here in the UK. Did you find that an issue with your shooting?

    1. Thanks Chris. I was there in autumn (April/May) so the big benefit was that sunset was early, and sunrise was late! Having said that 4:00 to 4:30am was standard set-off time to get to locations in the North West (The Kimberleys) – see some earlier images. I didn’t find the issue of length of time too much of a problem. At sunrise you could scout the day before for your shot, use The Photographers’ Ephemera to get info on sunrise times and work out where you wanted to set up your tripod and then head out early the next morning. Sunset is easier of course, and I didn’t find too much problem in finding the right location for a shot, and then just waiting.

      By the way, northern Flinders is on our “bucket list” for our next trip out to see my son (who lives in Melbourne).

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