Garden visits in The Marches

Now I’m not a “visiting gardens man” normally, but this spring I had the opportunity of visiting three excellent gardens near Leominster and Presteigne in The Marches. Here are some of the images I took which I’m particularly happy with.

Stockton Bury orchard

This is near the cafe (a tithe barn) at Stockton Bury, an apple orchard.

Pigeon loft - Stockton Bury

An old dovecote at Stockton Bury.

Fungal feature at Stocton Bury

I’m rather taken by this water feature at Stockton Bury – great idea, and so simple!

Cowslips and bluebells at Stockton Bury.

Flower feature at Stocton Bury

Immediately we got into the garden at Bryan’s Ground, I saw this shot and knew I had to do it justice. 

Hares golore - Stocton Bury

There’s loads of quirky architectural elements in the garden, but this one’s rather special.

Stocton Bury

Beside the tea counter, there’s this collection – it could be our attic! And I just love this pot with the frog beside it. Lovely gardens.

Stocton Bury

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