Lest we forget

Lest we forget

A U3A Photoshoot and we were asked to think about “detail” and that doesn’t necessarily mean macro-photography. To make it even more difficult we were restricted by the places we could go to due to Local Lockdown – we couldn’t leave the City and County of Cardiff – so its back to Cathays Park, a location I had difficulty with in 2019. Ho hum!

After walking a round for a bit, aimless shooting – you’ll see some of them in another post – I suddenly focussed (sic) in on the Welsh National War Memorial and out of the many shots I took (using Continuous Shutter mode) I got these two.


The same fountain, but two different expressions of it, as I’ve tried to describe in the captions.

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  1. Yes David, finding detail as the suject was not easy. It made me realise trying to develop this theme require a lot of time and thought. We are restricted and I believe light can be an important element in producing a good photograph. I too took pictures using water as a theme and found myself restricted due to distance and high walls.
    All shall be revealed on Wednesday.

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