Penarth pea

Lines and depth of field

Penarth pea

The Photography Group is being set themes, or exercises, for its field trips. This one – at Penarth, which I was unable to attend on the day, but did yesterday – had the theme of Virtual Lines and/or depth of field. The above shot, I hope, combines both in one image.

Penarth pier through wavy grass

The one above uses the blurry background of the Pier to provide a backdrop to the flowers and grasses which are in reasonably sharp focus. The next two are experiments with the sea and virtual lines – the sea defences leading into the cliffs which lead onwards to Lavernock Point.

The first one was taken with a slower shutter speed giving a blur to the sea, whilst the latter was taken with a faster shutter speed which “freezes” the spray.

Finally a couple of shots which feature lines …

Yacht club - Penarth

… and a couple of quirky ones …

… lots of lines and depth of field in this one with the focus point being the end of the bench; and then this one which shows that if you take a picture of yourself in a mirror (which has some lines in it), then the background will always be in focus!

Self-portrait - Penarth


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