Remains of the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Revisiting the Great Ocean Road

We took ourselves off down the Great Ocean Road, travelling first to Peterborough by the inland route. We stayed overnight there and I managed to get a shot of the sunset over the Bay of Martyrs. I’d used The Photographer’s Ephemera to scout in advance exactly where I wanted to be and so with minutes to spare I got to the car park I’d chosen, setup the tripod and took a few shots.

The nest morning we went down on the beach at Peterborough and had the whole stretch of sand and rocks to ourselves. Then a drive along the coast (going east) to The Grotto where an annoying young man completely ignored the sign to “Keep Out” and proceeded top jump about, in front of my tripod where I was trying to take a set of shots for HDR treatment, for the benefit of his girlfriend who I hope got some decent pictures.

Then it was London Bridge (which had already fallen down on our previous visit), Razorback, Arches (which had fallen since we were there before) and of course the Twelve Apostles (which have been significantly reduced in number – it’s still a good viewpoint and the impact of coadstal erosion can be clearly seen.

An overnight stop in Apollo Bay and then a drive to Erskine Falls before we returned to Melbourne.

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