Silky seascape at The Nobbies

The Boulevarde
Phillip Island

You’ll have to forgive me here. I don’t get the chance to experiment with creating silky seascapes very often and it needs a slightly different technique than silky waterfalls, so when offered the possibility of “playing” when we were on Phillip Island near The Nobbies, I grabbed the chance whilst Jenny patiently waited in the car.

One thing I discovered was the need to bring that hook for my tripod that I’d left at home in the tripod bag. I’d looked at it and thought, what’s that – will I need it? The answer was, unfortunately … yes, when the winds are blowing and the ground is spongy! You can hang your camera case bag from the hook to create a more stable tripod base. So lots of experiments with ND filters and ISO settings to get the right aperture/shutter speed combination.

Here are a few more seascape images I took whilst on Phillip Island – no more silky wave ones though.

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