Solitary Pine Tree – Big Sur

If you don’t think this picture works, just wait until you see the next one – tomorrow! As a tourist you often only get one-shot at an image, at a location. Before I drove down Big Sur in California, many years ago, I had known about this iconic shot, it may indeed be the “original” solitary tree! Anyway, as chance would have it, and as happens often, the weather was lousy – dull and overcast – so I never did anything with these pictures. Now … thanks to the wonders of Lightroom and the use of Dehaze and Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation sliders I can produce an image that is, shall we say, interesting. It’s definitely not the picture I’d have like to have taken, but given that it’s been scanned and the picture was taken on an old-generation SLR, it’s good to give it a life, and a showing. Now wait until you see what I’ve prepared for tomorrow!!

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