"Tack sharp"

Textures – 1

So the theme for the photo shoot at St Fagans with the U3A Photography group was textures. I’ve said before that having a theme actually makes you look at familiar objects in a different way as you try and tease out from the subject something that you possibly hadn’t seen before.

In the set of pictures I’ll be posting over the next few days, I’ll be demonstrating how cropping your photo can be amazingly successful if you’ve got enough pixels on your sensor to play with, which fortunately I have.

So the first shot is taken inside the weavers cottage.

"Tack sharp"


I think it’s fair to say that I’ve got a really sharp image which demonstrates the textures in the loom quite well. But what did the shot look like when it came out of the camera?


I hope you agree that the cropped image is the better of the two – that’s the only alteration to the image, no other post-rpoduction in Lightroom. [EXIF: 1/13sec @ f/1.8; ISO 1250; Sony ILCE-7R; Sony FE 90 F2.8 Macro G]

Another shot from the same location also demonstrates how I think you can compose in post-processing rather than in camera. I know this is sacrilege to some but I don’t care!

Woolly textures at St Fagans



Above is the original image which I took to “describe” what I was seeing, it explains the setting and what goes on there, but I prefer the cropped one below which certainly addresses the brief of texture better …

Woolly textures at St Fagans


Again, no other Lightroom work, other than the crop. [EXIF: 1/30sec @ f/4; ISO 800; Sony ILCE-7R; Sony FE 90 F2.8 Macro G]

4 thoughts on “Textures – 1”

  1. You’re preaching to the converted as far as I’m concerned, David. I crop most of the photos I share, to get a composition I like. This probably means I am lazy about composing shots in the camera though.
    As for your first photo here, I am mainly impressed that you can take a shot like that, with a shutter speed of 1/13, without camera shake. Did you use a tripod?
    As for the second, I’d be inclined to crop it less, to show more of the bobbins, (if that is what they are called). But that is a matter of taste of course.

    1. So not sacrilege for you then, Jim! I was so impressed that I’d recorded it as 1/13sec that I checked my EXIF data and yes it was!! I wasn’t using a tripod either. I must have wedged myself well against something to create a “human tripod”, but in all honesty … I can’t remember.

  2. I love both of these images showing the lovely texture and colour of the yarn and the delicacy of the needles. Excellent work, David.

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