The Red Centre (Uluru) – 1

What a trip this fifth visit to Australia has been (the seventh for Jenny). Not content with my Photo Workshop with Tom Putt to The Kimberley in the north-west, the two of us went with Wayoutback Safaris to “The Red Centre”. Here’s the first of a series of images from that trip. I’ll share another link with you later of other images from that “adventure”. This is sunset – you can see the moon – looking towards Uluru (Ayers’ Rock). I particularly was pleased with the grass in the foreground, the fact that I managed to “photoshop” out a tree in front of Uluru – can you spot where that deed was done and the general front-to-back in focusness of the shot. Of course I could have focus-stacked, which I will play with another time. Oh, so much to learn and try out!

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