The old bridge, Gamle Bybrua - Trondheim


What a change in the weather greeted us as we stopped in Trondheim. A walk through the town led us to the Old Bridge and the Nidaros Cathedral. Opportunities by the waterside to see some beautiful reflections.

Waterfront at Trondheim
Waterfront at Trondheim
The old bridge, Gamle Bybrua - Trondheim
The old bridge, Gamle Bybrua – Trondheim
The old bridge and the cathedral - Trondheim
The old bridge and the cathedral – Trondheim

The rose window inside the cathedral is spectacular. The cathedral has a reputation for being very dark inside and they’re modernising the lighting at the moment. I just love the way the organ pipes – and this is the back of the cathedral – frame the window.

Rose window - Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim
Rose window – Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

We enjoyed a coffee looking at this bit of social enterprise …

A free library on a bicycle - Trondheim
A free library on a bicycle – Trondheim

… and saw quite a collection of bikes on the quayside beside where the Polarlys was moored …

Loads of bikes - Trondheim
Loads of bikes – Trondheim

… and then it was coastal scenery for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Trondheim”

  1. Marie-Christine Dalmaz

    Hello David,
    Thank you for sharing moments of your trip as we are marooned at home. These are a beautiful memento and surprisingly, despite the northernly clime, a lot of warmth comes out of it. I could not help noticing that these houses are on piloti. This is a process that might be copied in areas in England and Wales where flooding is recurrent. Your photo of the rosace is exceptionally good and I would be interested to know what settings you used. I feel rosaces are like jewels so delightful are the colours. Constructively, I would like to see your bicycle and adhoc library separate from the distracting background. A Photoshop theme repeat lesson?
    In the meantime, and much more important, to you and your family, keep well!

    1. Thanks so much Marie-Christine, it means a lot to me to get feedback. This was probably our most photogenic day, although there were a couple more where the sun shone when we were at sea. Generally however we had fantastic weather. You ask about the EXIF data? All you need to do now with the new website is click on a photo and it should display that information below the image. You can then scroll through them as well.

      Well … you’ve set me a challenge. Get rid of the background in that picture of the bike. There must be an easy way. As you say it could be a subject for one of our Lightroom Pantry meetings when we get to meet again, or perhaps a virtul meeting!

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