Looking for the unexpected

Visits to Dyffryn Gardens in 2019

An album made up from a number of visits to the gardens at Dyffryn House through the summer. I was taken by the reflections created by the water drops entering the pond under the arch. I also created an animated gif of this shot which is rather interesting … I think.

A couple of images of the fly using all the pixels available to me to crop in close. The second one has a bit of vignetting added which I think helps the composition a bit.

A bit of fun. Which is the subject in the image of the pond? The reflections in the pond with the water lily, or the reflections of the passerby. I don’t know.

Then a shot I rather like. I exposed for the shadows in the shed and then brought back the highlights in the garden beyond to give a nice balance to the image – I think!

Finally, some shots taken with my macro lens of the flowers in the garden, in September.

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