Mr Heron keeping an eye on us

What you can do with a few pixels

After a winter break, I’m back! First with a series of images from Forest Farm in north Cardiff which I’ve visited many times and which has a vibrant wildlife and interesting habitats lodged between the River Taf and the remains of the Glamorganshire Canal.

So the first one is a shot of one of the few birds, actually probably the only one, which I dislike – the Grey Heron. Why my negative feelings? Well … one visits the small pond in our garden quite regularly and takes my goldfish. So much so, that I now have to keep it covered with netting. I have thought perhaps I ought to equate my loss of goldfish with the cost of the bird food I purchase for all the other birds that visit our garden – but it’s a difficult one to accept!

It’s not a bad shot. I have recovered quite a lot of colour from the shot in post-processing, but the main reason for the inclusion of this one is just to celebrate – one year on from its purchase – the amazing sensor of my Sony A7r III which allows me to produce an image with such sharpness as the one above, from the original image, below.

Mr Heron keeping an eye on us

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