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It’s been a while – and I’m not talking about the wait for a train, although I did wait a while to get this shot – but I wanted to make sure you’d forgotten all about my email brainfail; you have, haven’t you? I’m not going to remind you, but then … I just have! Anyway, returning with a few shots of trains taken outside Newport Railway Station on a photoshoot with the theme of “abstract”.

I (for once) planned exactly what I wanted to shoot, and with the exception of one shot (which I forgot about whilst I was out – must write down plan next time David) I got what I wanted. The first idea was to use a Neutral Density filter in front of the lens to force the shutter speed to be increased, thereby causing the train to be fuzzy, suggesting it was going at high-speed. It wasn’t, it was just leaving the station bound for Cardiff moving from right to left. So this is the front of the train. I just love the fact that you can see through the train to the features that were progressively hidden by the train as it passed. This is shown better in the next shot …

Whoosh - 2


… where of course as it’s the middle of the train, you can’t see the detail behind it. The shadows on the blurred train are great however. I was very pleased with the effect created.

For completeness, here’s the third photo in the sequence – not as impressive as the first two (and not cropped to be exactly the same), but just to give you the complete picture (so-to-speak) …

Whoosh - 3


All pictures were taken on a tripod with my Sony A7r Mk III with the Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens @ 105mm, and a 3.2sec shutter speed at f/8 with ISO 100.


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