A break in West Penwith

We did manage to get away for a few days in Cornwall. The weather wasn’t marvellous, but it was just nice to get away and try and do something that resembled normality. That was when we walked along the coast from Pendeen to St Just – a coastal walk I love, as you may recall from last year.

Here are a few images that I took during the walk. Click on one to get a slideshow …

Until we got to Botallack (the last two shots) the sky was very dreich (a Scots word meaning dull, or gloomy). It was therefore good to have the dehaze filter in Lightroom, and a few other enhancements to hand, to bring something out from the images.

2 thoughts on “A break in West Penwith”

  1. Nice photographs David the coastline looks quite stunning. I can understand why you like this area as it it very photogenic. I was wondering if you got to Raglan ?
    Seeing your pictures makes us more aware of what we are missing during the pandemic.

    1. Thanks Len; it’s a very special place for me. I lived in Penzance for a couple of years as a lad, and that’s where I got my love of landscapes from, that and geology. It’s not so much picturesque, as rugged beauty.

      We didn’t get away unfortunately, missed the window to go by one day, but we got a refund on the cottage fortunately and will try it (and others nearby) when we are able to leave Cardiff.

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