A wonderful show of orchids

One of the few joys this year, in spite of being in self-isolation, has been to enjoy the show that our orchids have put on for us. I seem to have worked out how best to ensure that they re-generate blooms and this paid dividends through the summer to allow us to enjoy them in our garden room. Click on an image below to get a slideshow of them …

2 thoughts on “A wonderful show of orchids”

  1. Chris Rusbridge

    We are down to one orchid, but the darn thing just refuses to stop flowering! We had a couple of sprays from before Christmas to mid year, cut down one looking dead, but the other one half way, and it’s shooting from near the top with a dozen or more buds on it. I really love it (just yer basic orchid, nothing as fancy as your lovely blooms) though my wife affects not to. You’ve done an amazing job, not just to get them blooming but all at the same time. Great stuff!

    1. You don’t want to discourage them from flowering, do you 🙂 ! Do you feed it?

      I feed mine fortnightly when they’re flowering, and also mist them with a feed/spray when I remember. That’s not the “secret” however! When they’ve finished flowering I take them out of their containers and put the clear plastic pot on a bed of gravel in a tray in the loft. Apparently they like a diurnal temperature difference and like to be kept in a humid atmosphere. So the “dormant” ones sit on their wet gravel bed trays in a loft window sill with their air roots taking in the humidity and enjoy the warm days and sunlight, and the cooler nights. I used to think these roots were just untidy additions but I’ve learnt that they are more important than the leaves in many ways. Doing this has brought back orchids of more than three years age into flower.

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