And finally … a dam

Winding hand rail
Penygarreg, Elan Valley

But before we get to the dam, a couple of “interesting” shots. The first was taken blind. Handheld, standing on the bottom rung of the fence, camera held high above my head – point, shoot and hope. Thankfully it sort of worked. On a dull day, the fencing becomes the picture. On a sunny day, it would have been lost. Again, I used Lightroom’s de-haze filter to clear the background and sky up a bit.

Solitary tree in shadow profile
Miss me? I’m back on Instagram with a solitary tree. Penygarreg, Elan Valley.

Second, the “solitary tree” much loved by photographers. The light was fading, I waited for a bit of sunlight … it never came. So, apply the de-haze filter and then rack the Shadows, Blacks, Highlights and Whites in opposite directions in Lightroom and you get a moody picture like the one above.

Finally, we saw quite a few of these in the Elan and Claerwen Valleys – all but Caban Coch were overflowing which can make for good photographs, but can also mean rather a lot of white, so this shot of Craig Goch is the only one I included in my “selection” from the Workshop.

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