Roath Park - an autumn view

Autumn in Roath Park


It would be a shame not to record autumn in Cardiff. Perhaps not the best for colours, but still a lovely sight. So here are a couple of shots taken in Roath Park in mid-November which I’m reasonably happy with. The one above is taken looking towards the rose garden, the one below (in the same direction) was a successful experiment of the power of using grad and radial filters together in Lightroom …

Through the bowl of the tree

… I applied a grad filter to both sides of the image to lighten the shadows of the trunks and then applied a radial filter (inverted) to the central part of the image to bring out the autumn colours in the same trees as the previous shot. I was shooting from the shadows towards the light – the balance of exposure was difficult to obtain. The filters allowed me to change the exposure in both areas – the foreground (the tree) and the background (the acers).

2 thoughts on “Autumn in Roath Park”

  1. Hi David
    These photographs make a good impression of Roath Park.
    This is probably the best time of year, for the colours are vibrant and you have captured them in wothy compositions. I particularly like the second shot which has the tree in the foreground well lit providing greater detail.

    1. Thanks Len, I was pleased with the way I got detail and vibrance into the shot from a less than ideal spot! However, as Philip has suggested, I might have been able to have achieved the same result with just the radial filter applying the effects both inside and outside the selected area. I must try that to see whether that would have worked. Also Jim has suggested a tighter crop at the bottom, and I agree with that as well.

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